Grover Hicks talks about stepping away from Gulf Coast after 15 years of almost unbelievable success with the women's basketball program there.

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Panama City, FL--Now to a rather big event set for Friday night at the Harrison Field House. Since a state playoff berth's out of the equation, the Lady Commodores will play their final game of the season, and that means it will be the final game they play with longtime assistant Grover Hicks, who is retiring!

Grover Hicks
Retiring as G.C. asst. coach

¶"You know all my life I've been told you'll know when it's time to retire, just like getting married, you know you found the person you want, nobody's gonna discourage you, you're mind's made up you're gonna do it. The time is right for me."

Arriving together from Laurel Hill High school 15 years ago, Hicks and Roonie Scovel were asked to write objectives for the program they were to rebuild from scratch.

"One of our behavioral objectives as coaches was to become a nationall ranked contending power in basketball at Gulf Coast Community College. Well a week or so, we turned those in, Greg Wolfe our athletic director came in and said these need to be expected and reasonable to do and I laugh and I embarrass him, but we meant that the day we came here. We came here to win, we've always won, wherever we've been and we expect to win. And we expected to win here."

And man have they lived up to the expectations, leading Gulf Coast to 3 national, 8 state, and 13 conference championships. No doubt all that was a collaborative effort, and some may wonder what effect Hick's departure will have on the program since for much of their time together, he was more of a co-coach than an assistant.

"But last two or three years, knowing that I was nearing the end of my time, I backed away a little bit and she took more aggressive action and she has run this program, this is definitely her program now."

So as he steps away for good, I asked Grover what he thinks he'll miss the most?
"I'll probably miss the every day interaction with the youngsters. That's been a part of my life for 46 years, kept me young, kept me thinking young, they teach you the latest fads, the latest expressions, I will miss that."