Gulf Coast Baseball To Host 7th Annual Top 100

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Panama City, FL-- On Saturday and Sunday the 100 top baseball prospects from the region will be able to display their talents for not only college coaches but some major league representatives as well.

The players have to be approved by a committee comprised of both college and major league scouts making this an invitation only event.

The day will begin at 9 AM when the players will do a pro style workout then they will play two games on Saturday starting at 4 and then two more again on Sunday beginning at 9 AM.

Coach Mike Kandler talk to Newschannel 7 about what makes this showcase better than most,

There are some different organizations that run things like this. We are one of the few colleges that puts on a showcase that is this in depth. A lot of them it's just kind of a if you have enough money show up and do their showcase. This one is a little more special."

All players in this showing will be rising Seniors.