Gulf Coast, Chipola Ready for Head to Head League Opener

Marianna, FL---Gulf Coast and Chipola continue to work towards their three game series that will mark the opening of their conference schedules.

They go head to head in a three game set Friday through Monday starting with Friday's 2 o'clock game in Marianna.

As it happens, the Commodores and Indians both with 21 wins in non conference play, Gulf Coast with 9 straight wins, the Indians have won 10 of 11. And they are 4th and 2nd respectively in the state polls.

"You know when you've been in this thing 18 years you realize what it's all about." Chipola head coach Jeff Johnson told us Wednesday. "And what it's all about right now, as you said earlier, our record's pretty good, but all that's out the door at this point. And we've got to come in these next 20 games, we've got to play each one of them one day at a time and see how many out of 20 we can get. And at that point, hopefully it gets you to a state tournament bid and that's when things really get exciting. You've got a chance to play for titles and championships and all that. You know the ranking stuff is really thrown out the door when you've got a tournament at the end of the season."

After the 2 o'clock game Friday, they play at one Saturday at Gulf Coast, then back to Chipola Monday and a 5 o'clock game to wrap the series.