Gulf Coast, Northwest Set to Meet In Hoops Again

Panama City, FL---It is just about time for Gulf Coast and Northwest Florida to start the second round of Panhandle Conference play.

Wednesday evening in fact the teams of both schools meet head to head for the second time this season when they go at it in Niceville.

The Lady Commodores won their first meeting earlier this month by 5. Since then they've both go on to rack up 3-1 overall league records, so they begin today tied with Chipola atop the conference standings.

Gulf Coast in fact coming off that first loss Saturday to Chipola. Northwest meanwhile coming off a bye this weekend, they've not played since last Tuesday, so they'll be well rested going into tomorrow night. That's a pattern Gulf Coast head coach Vernette Skeete's learning to live with.

"Right it seems like we keep having the experience where we play the team that has a bye before us, so we're coming in with tired legs. The way our system has set up, so our first couple of games, everybody that has played us has had a break before our game. So it's just another circumstance you overcome. I learned a long time ago there is no such thing as adversity, only opportunity, so this is another opportunity to get better."

To clarify, Chipola did not have the bye last week before playing at Gulf Coast, so the coach not referring to that match up.

At any rate it's Gulf Coast at Northwest Wednesday, the ladies at 5:30, the men at 7:30.