Gulf Coast Triathlon Finishes Despite Weather Risks

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Panama City Beach, FL-- Many race organizers were worried about inclement weather causing the race to be closed but as a favor returned from Mother Nature just a week after non stop rain, the weather was more than co-operable.

After a 1.2 mile swim, the athletes hoped on their bikes were there was a little bit of rain but nothing to impede the race.

Once the 56 mile cycling course was completed the last 13.1 miles were done on foot.

Justin Ladner from Birmingham, Alabama ran the fastest time with a 4:19:01, was pleased with the weather conditions,

"The course was ideal today for setting a fast time. Starting with the swim the seas were very calm, especially compared to last year which allowed for a fast swim. Then on the bikes, the winds were pretty calm which allows for a very fast bike. Then once you get on the run this cloud cover it keeps the temperatures down and the rain wasn't bad enough to really slow you down. "