Gulf Coast Head Coach Roonie Scovel talks about the first 6 games of her team's schedule!

Panama City, FL-- To the basketball court and a visit with the Lady Commodores as they look ahead to another weekend business trip.
Coach Scovel and company will head to Gainesville this weekend for a tourney there. It will be the third road trip of the young season so far, combined with one two game homestand.
All in all, Gulf Coast has played 6 games, with a 5-1 mark, so a good start by most standards, but what about coach's standard?

Roonie Scovel
G.C. Head Coach

"...Well we've come out of this with one hiccup, against Vincennes, who I think has all the pieces to challenge nationally, and has a good chance to get to the national tournament and make some noise. I think our work ethic has gotta change, I think it's been poor. Selling our philosophy to these young ladies has been very difficult this particular season. So we've got a lot of work to do so I would consider us just mediocre."

Playing teams like Vincennes, and playing so many tough games on the road early on, the coach believes, will only help down the road come conference time.

"I think though that playing great teams prepares you for the end. You know your goal is to try and be one of the best two teams, you know this year we only get two teams to go to the region tournament, it's gonna be awfully tough for Gulf Coast to qualify for the state tournament with all the talent in the Panhandle Conference, there's so many teams that are veteran teams, and we're basically relying on two players that played insignifcant minutes last year. So I think our work is cut out for us."

Gulf Coast plays Hillsborough Friday, Daytona Saturday again those two games down in Gainesville.

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