Gulf Coast coach Roonie Scovel reacts to news about Pat Summitt

PANAMA CITY, Fla- There's been plenty of reaction from the shocking news that came out Tuesday regarding college coaching legend Pat Summitt.

Summitt coming out publicly yesterday and confirming she's suffering from early onset dementia related to Alzheimer's. We caught up with Gulf Coast head coach Roonie Scovel, who knows a little something about what Summitt's meant to the coaching profession and women's basketball in particular.

"Every young coach, every young basketball player, every young coach, at some point in their lives or in continuing in their life or in their philosophy, wanted to be Pat Summitt. Or be like Pat, you know be like Mike. All of us young women wanted to be like Pat. So she's been a role model, she's taught us all how to do it the right way, to do it with discipline, to do it with honesty and integrity. Just such a hero. Interestingly enough, we're all kind of self absorbed so when something happens to us, we say why? I think this happening to Pat we've all still said why Pat?"

Summitt says she intends to continue coaching into her 38th season at Tennessee this Fall.

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