Gulf Coast opens up practice for the season ahead.

Panama City, FL-- Now to the hardwood, and believe it or not, the juco basketball season is officially under way. Teams allowed to start official practice for the 2011-2012 season October 1st, so some teams on the floor Saturday. Roonie Scovel choosing to give her girls one final weekend of rest before starting.
They were at it Monday afternoon. It's worth noting, the coaches do get floor time with their players in September, and that makes the start of official workouts a bit easier.

Roonie Scovel
G.C. Head Coach

"Today was kind of our first day but you wouldn't have known it. And I think part of that is they give you 8 hours a week now. So I'm not sure if the first day of official proactice is much different than what you've been doing, you just do it longer than what you've been doing. You know it's October, and the biggest thing now is the number of days you have to get ready."

Which is about a month before the first regular season game. Scovel now coaching without longtime assistant Grover Hicks who retired at the end of last season. Bridgette Goodnight, a former Pensacola assistant now working with Scovel and the Lady Commodores. We'll introduce you to her in the near future.

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