Hard Work Pays off for Bay High Star Khyri Thornton

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Green Bay, WI---Former Bay High star, now third round pick of the Green Bay Packers Khyri Thornton, could feel his hands shaking holding the phone Friday night.

The 85th overall selection of the Green Bay Packers, Khyri got the call from the team that they would be selecting him in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft, making a lifelong dream he thought early on in his career was out of reach was now his reality.

Thornton watched the Draft in Alabama where he got the call from the Green Bay front office minutes before his name came across the screen. He then spent Sunday flying out of Panama City Beach at 9 AM, connecting in Atlanta, then heading to Minnesota, where he would finally land in Green Bay.

After all the work, sweat, tears, was it all worth it?

"Yes it is. Man oh man, it's worth it," said Thornton. "It's a blessing, you never know what situation you'll be in, you'll never know what God has planned for you. And I feel like he's put me in this position to take care of those around me and look out for those around me, be an example to the younger people and the younger kids. I'm grateful to be in this position, I'll never take it back. Everything I've had I've had for a reason and I'm happy for it."

Panhandle football fans, get ready for Week Two of the NFL season. Port St. Joe's own Calvin Pryor and the Jets will travel Green Bay to face panama City's son Thornton and the Packers.