High School Football Fall Practice Begins Monday

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Monday starts the beginning of the high school football season as teams can head out to the practice field for the first time in the fall 2014 season.

Though it's not really like it went anywhere.

Throughout the spring and summer, our area's athletes have been practicing their crafts with their teams and also in camps on their own.

Starting Monday morning, the high school fall sports season opens across the state and the chase towards a state championship begins.

Fresh starts, new coaching tenures, and limitless possibilities start Monday and Tuesday when teams practice without pads, no contact drills at first.

They can put pads on starting Wednesday, but full contact isn't allowed until day six of practice.

Eight days in, it's time for two-a-days, but newer rules keep those double workouts under five hours total. Back-to-back days with two practices each is illegal, also.