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BAY COUNTY, Fla- All season Newschannel 7 sports has been showing you some of the top plays from week to week. Now that the regular season is over we've compiled a list of some of the top plays of the year. They're in no particular order.

First up is a play in the Rutherford game against Choctaw Coach Rolson pulls out the bounce pass from Dondrell Harris to the WR and he hits Emmanuel Cuff for the TD.

Now to Bay and Vernon, Kevin Husum calls his own number and it answers...he rumbles over two defenders on his way into the zone...for Bay.

Here's Andre Allen for Arnold against Munroe back for the punt in the looks like it's about to be downed, but he scoops the ball up and starts breaking tackles. He's gone, it's an outstanding 65 yard return TD.

Let's get some defense in here...Franklin and South Walton playing, and Andrew Priest comes up with the tip drill to himself for the pick...great play.

In the Mosley and Rutherford game Jackson Platt makes a play...faking the reverse and fooling everybody as he races down the sideline for the score!

Here's the Hit of the year in the Bay and Arnold game check out this rib rocker. Deonte Dunklin running left and Eddie Williams with the huge hit.

Bay made some plays in the game too...here's Chris Oates with the Pick of the year...one handed snag on the Blake DeBoard pass.

Maybe the run of the year here...Andre Allen back at it for Arnold against Mosley...looks to be bottled up, but he makes a sick cut and goes all the way back left and he out runs everybody for the TD.

Freeport is a playoff team because of plays like this here....David Wesson off the right side and call this the spin cycle...one...two...three spins and top it off with a dive...amazing run by Wesson.

Finally Back to Arnold and Mosley and it's Eddie Williams taking a punt and run down the sideline...he trucks the Mosley defender...fumbles it and it one hops right back in his hands and he's in for the score!

I'll be posting some other plays from this year's high school football season on my facebook fan page if you want to see some other great plays. That's www.facebook.com/markcvaughn

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