High School teams prepare for the season during the summer

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MARIANNA, Fla- Even though the high school basketball season is months away almost all area teams are putting in work to get ready for the fall and winter.

The basketball season is never really over these days. "We always say you get better in the summer," Port St. Joe head coach Derek Kurnitsky said."You as an individual, that's where you make your biggest improvement. So it's really important."

For high school teams to be competitive in March they have to put in the work in June, July, and August.

"You've got to play as much as your competition," Mosley head coach Chris Martello added. "Competition is playing alot in the summer ."

For some teams the summer is a chance to get a jump start after losing their top players. "We've got some 7th and 8th graders maybe move up an play some with us. Got an 8th grader here tonight so, it's fun getting them going," added Kurnitsky.

Martello said "Its the group time together. It just goes so far. It can make a difference in the season."

Summer leagues, like the one in Marianna, give all these players much needed game experience without the pressure of their high school seasons.

Kurnitsky said. "It really doesn't count for anything. So it's fun. I always say summer is fool's gold. Great that we win but you never get to high if you win, or too low if you lose. But it's fun though."

"It just helps us come together as team," Port St. Joe Senior Alex King said. "Get used to play with each other, so we can play together as one."

Sneads junior Jalon Daniels said. "It's good, you get to get better for the regular season because it's a big layoff. It's good you have summer to keep getting better."

By the time high school basketball starts back up in the fall all these players will have already played a full summer basketball season, and their hoping it means wins when it counts.

The Marianna summer league wrapped up four weeks of play last week. More summer leagues are scheduled for July.

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