Holiday To Debut New Greens

Panama City Beach, FL--A local golf course that's spent a nice chunk of change to improve it's greens, it's set to unveil those new greens to the public.

Holiday Golf Club in Panama City Beach has spent the last four months renovating all 18 of it's greens, to the tune of about a million bucks.

The course set to unveil those new greens to play Saturday morning!

"With the greens that we had they were becoming a lot smaller."Jim Carlisle, Holiday's Director of Golf told us. "And it was hard to maintain at the condition that we like to keep them. And so we started thinking about it, talking to our owners. Our owners have been fantastic with it. They see the value of putting money back into the golf course. And presenting the public with a good experience on a good course. And that's what we're known for, and that's what we've achieved with this process."

For those of you familiar with different kinds of greens, this grass is what they call Tiff-Eagle. Again play the new greens starting Saturday.