Holmes Gets Home Win Over Baker Friday

Bonifay, FL---Chris Walker leads the Holmes Blue Devils to a district win Friday, scoring 20 as the Devils get a 70-50 win over Baker.

Walker with several big blocks early in the second half to help his team pull away, those blocks featured in the attached video. More on those highlights below.

Walker in a bit of a "blocking" mood if you will, tonight, second half, he sends Justin Morgan's jump shot into the stands.

Following the inbounds, Josh Hartzog thinking it's a good idea to drive against Walker, no bad idea there.

A bit later Garrett Sanders tries his luck with the lay-up, again Walker there to deny it.

On the other end, Walker gets the feed down low, spins and slams it down with one hand.

Follow that up with the Jordan McAllister's block, and he kicks it ahead to Ty Russ for the layup. Holmes on the way to a 70-50 win.