Hombre hosts Second Stage PGA Qualifier.

Panama City Beach, FL--The Hombre Golf Club is rather active this week as once again it prepares to host a group of golfers looking to get to, or get back to the PGA Tour! Some 88 golfers are there for 72 holes of golf in a PGA Tour second stage qualifier, starting Wednesday. The top 20 at least, advance to the final stage qualifier, and if you make it that far, you are guaranteed to make either the regular or Nationwide Tours, so it's this round that packs the most pressure.This the 17th year the Hombre's hosted this second stage qualifier. PGA official Brad Fabel tells us why they keep coming back.
"Well we just love coming here. They treat everybody well, it's a good golf course. It's not your new, classical type golf course where length is so important. So this golf course has withstood the test of time. And we come back because we feel like it's a good test."
Hombre General Manager Craigh Hanlin says his club loves having the PGA and it's players at the Hombre. "Well it certainly is an honor for the PGA Tour to select the Hombre Golf Club here in Panama City Beach to once again host the Second Stage Tour Q-School. We definitely welcome all the Tour professionals back and looking to see some great golf. It keeps that Hombre name out there in the public eye and public ear, through the media and hopefully that will help us generate some business."
Among the recognizable names competing this week there, Peter Lonard, Tommy Armour, Glenn Day, and Milton native
Boo Weekley. He's rehabbing from shoulder surgery, which cost him his Tour card. Here are the pairings for the first round Wednesday.

Tee Time Start
Hole Players
7:45 AM 1 Skip Kendall, Peter Lonard, Len Mattiace
7:45 AM 10 Craig Bowden, Ryan Armour, Jeff Sorenson
7:55 AM 1 Greg Owen, Tim Wilkinson, Scott Sterling
7:55 AM 10 Pete Jordan, Aron Price, Omar Uresti
8:05 AM 1 Nolan Henke, Guy Boros, Dicky Pride
8:05 AM 10 Jonathan Randolph, Joey McLister, Tommy Cocha
8:15 AM 1 Nick Mason, Chip Deason, Cam Burke
8:15 AM 10 Mike Lavery, Lion Kim, Wes Roach
8:25 AM 1 Mitch Hendon, Dillon Dougherty, Jhared Hack
8:25 AM 10 Zack Byrd, Stefan Wiedergruen, Ryan Baca
8:35 AM 1 Ryan Blaum, Jeff Rangel, Leif Olson
8:35 AM 10 Ben Fox, David Morland, Erick Justesen
8:45 AM 1 Bob Heintz, Richard Johnson, Boo Weekley
8:45 AM 10 Russell Henley, Danny Balin, Sean Murphy
8:55 AM 1 Blaine McCallister, Marc Turnesa, Scott Gardiner
8:55 AM 10 Fabian Gomez, Tommy Armour, Casey Wittenberg
9:05 AM 1 Nick Rousey, Andrew McLardy, Ryan Gildersleeve
9:05 AM 10 Glen Day, John Inman, Nicholas Thompson
9:15 AM 1 Michael Schachner, Glenn Northcutt, Joe Panzeri
9:15 AM 10 Todd Bailey, Christian Ries, Jimmy Brandt
9:25 AM 1 Brian Unk, Chris Devlin, Matthew Savage
9:25 AM 10 Hudson Swafford, Nathan Sutherland, James Bowen
9:35 AM 1 Richard Todd, Andrew Parr, Chris Satterlee
9:35 AM 10 Chris Baker, Ray Beaufils, David Lutterus
9:45 AM 1 Derek Gillespie, Erik Barnes, Gabe Reynolds
9:45 AM 10 Jason Scrivener, Liam Kendregan, Mike Ruiz

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