Indian Bayou Golf Club hosted the 5th annual Freedom Classic Monday, an event designed to honor our area's military personnel.

Destin, FL--To the links and a rather nice event at Destin's Indian Bayou Golf Club. That 27 hole course hosting the area's 5th annual Freedom Classic Golf Tournament.
Roughly 180 enlisted personnel from area bases, mainly Eglin and Hurlburt, treated to a lunch and then 18 holes of golf, all comp.
This event is the brainchild of Destin developer Buddy Runnels who runs Real Estate International.
He's brought in a variety of sponsors, including Colonel Oliver North's Freedom Alliance.
The weather today perfect, and it's safe to say the military personnel were appreciative of the effort.

GSgt. Thomas McNellis
U.S. Marine Corps

"Oh it's an amazing recognition, with everything going on right now, three wars out there, for them to take the time out to invite us all down here, it's an amazing thing."

Buddy Runnels
"Freedom Classic" Founder

"They are defending the Consitution at this point in time, which protects "In God we trust". And they're doing it throughout the world. And they don't have a choice. The Commander In Chief says go fight, and they go fight. So there's less than one percent of them defending 99 percent of us, for our freedom, our protection, for democracy. And it's simply put a way to honor what they do to say we appreciate it from the bottom of our heart for protecting our freedoms in the country and that's what and that's what Freedom Classic is."

And for his efforts, team Eglin presenting Buddy with a commemorative shell off one of it's gunships.