Indians Practice At Wichita State In Advance of Opener At Nationals

Hutchinson, KS---The Chipola men's basketball team is now just two days away now from it's first game at the Juco National tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas.

The team traveling west over the weekend, driving to Atlanta Saturday morning, flying to Wichita where they spent Sunday night and part of Monday..

Early Monday night I spoke with coach Blake about preparing for their Wednesday opener. Head coach Patrick Blake first talked about the commute, driving to Atlanta Saturday morning, flying from there to Chicago, and then into Wichita. He says the team took it easy Sunday night, watched a movie and basically relaxed.

Monday, it was time for the Indians to go back to work, so to speak.

"We got up at 9 o'clock and a had a practice at Wichita State." coach Blake says. "We were on the floor for about an hour, just getting a good sweat in for our guys, just going back over some of the things we had worked on leading up to Kansas. I feel good. I feel since we've got to Kansas our guys have been re-energized. They're excited, we've been at the games already today. It's given our guys the chance to see the other competition. I think we're ready to go Wednesday."

At 25-5 and State Champs, the Indians are the three seed out in Hutch. That has them with a bye and a game Wednesday at 6 against the winner of tomorrow's Shelton State-State Fair game, which the Indians will watch.

The Lady Indians also open up Wednesday in Salina against either New Mexico or ASA of New York.