Is Arnold Close To Naming New Baseball Coach?

Panama City Beach, FL---It appears as if Arnold may be close to finding it's new head coach to replace Mitch Kelly, who resigned several weeks ago.

Newschannel 7 Sports has learned through a variety of sources close to Bay County baseball, the job's been offered to Tom Kelley, no relation to the previous coach.

Tom Kelley is currently a teacher and the head football and basketball coach at Ola Middle School in McDonough Georgia.

He is also listed as an assistant coach with the Ola High School baseball and team.

Word is Kelly's waiting for his wife, who is also a teacher, to interview for a job at a different Bay County school, before accepting the Arnold job.

I communicated through texts with Arnold principal Keith Bland Monday asking for confirmation on all this, he texted back "no comment".

Mr. Bland thought he had already filled the job a couple of weeks ago, but the coach who received and accepted the first offer, Mike Thees, changed his mind, opting to stay in the Memphis area.

With the head coaching change coming at the time that it did, Arnold is going without a summer league team this summer.