Is the BCS Title Game Just Another Saturday for McCarron

Tuscaloosa, AL---It has to say the least, been an impressive season for Alabama junior quarterback AJ McCarron.

His consistent play a big reason why the Tide's back in the bcs title game, 66 percent completions, over 27 hundred yards with 26 td passes and just three picks.

No doubt his skills and demeanor belies his "teen boy band" looks! Proof of that, his answer to the does it feel to be guiding the Tide in yet another championship game.

"It's awesome, it's a pretty special experience." says McCarron. "Just look at it now I think it's pretty cool. But I think it will be a lot more special when I'm 50 and have kids of my own, and grand kids, and everything, and we're able to look back at this time. It's still another football game and when you look at it that way it's just like any other Saturday and you can't make the game bigger than what it is."

Have to like that attitude.Two SEC and perhaps two national championship rings, AJ's going to run out space for all the bling. McCarron already announcing he's coming back for his senior season, so Tide fans pretty happy about that.