Is Will Muschamp interested in hiring Alabama's Defensive Coordinator Kirby Smart, and if so what does Nick Saban have to say about that?

Kirby Smart said before the BCS title game he wanted to return to Alabama next year, but that could change if he gets the right offer.

It's search mode for new Florida head coach Will Muschamp and the Gators. There's some speculation he might go after his friend and fellow Georgia alum Kirby Smart as Florida's next defensive coordinator. Smart is currently the D-D at Alabama, and it's safe to say his current head coach doesn't want to lose him.

Nick Saban
Alabama Head Coach

"You all know a lot more about this than I do. You know typically if somebody's interested in one of your coaches they contact you and you know it. Other than Kirksey and Eddie interviewing at Kent State, and Jim Mcelwain at Colorado, i don't know about you know about anything that's going on. And i've talked to Will on several occassions. You know Kirby's done nothing but indicate to me that he wants to stay at the University of Alabama and be here and I trust that that's what he'll do."

Smart currently pulls in 750 large at Alabama, so Muschamp and the Gators will have to cough up huge dough if they are the least bit interested in getting Kirby.