It's Arnold at Mosley in our Southern Orthopedic Specialists game of the week.

Panama City Beach, FL-- Come Friday night at Tommy Oliver it's the Arnold Marlins coming east to take on the Mosley Dolphins, a relatively young but energetic rivalry, and for that reason this is our Southern Orthopedic Specialists game of the week.
We heard from the Mosley camp Thursday at 6, here now let's hear from the Marlins, who head into that game with a one and one mark.
An opening loss to Pace, then a convincing win last week over Amite.

James Hale
Arnold Head Coach

"Well we're gonna run the same things we've been running, we just gotta execute a little bit better. You know Andre's gotta have a big game for us for us to be successful. He's had games where he's carried the ball 44 times for 250 yards, this might be a game where he carries the ball quite a bit. Eddie's gonna carry the ball some, we might also put him out at receiver a little bit, and try to get the ball to him a lot of different ways also. We're gonna do what we do, just gonna try and do it better."

As for rivalry aspect, Hale says he's not changed much in practice this week, but he knows his kids are pysched, and so are the folks who'll be counting the money at the gate.

(Coach Hale)

"Last year we made more money than we've ever made, people parking out on back beach road, nowhere to sit. Hopefully we'll have a crowd like that this week. Hopefully people will come out and watch to fine football teams, or two teams trying to become a fine football team."

Fins hoping to avoid some of the mistakes that cost them that Wakulla game. Kickoff at T.O. tomorrow night 7 o'clock.

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