James Hale and the Marlins hit the first day of pads as they Marlins get into the 4th day of Spring!

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Panama City Beach, FL--To football and day four of Spring drills for area teams. The first three days without the pads and any serious contact. That changed Thursday, as the players allowed to put on full pads for the first time. This is some of the action over at Arnold, where coach Hale is looking at 35 to 40 varsity players. We asked the coach what his priority this Spring is.

James Hale
Arnold Head Coach

"We lost some really good football players, really good leadership. We told the team you know in 2008 we were 11-1, we had Jeremy Hester coming back for his senior year, he got injured, we wind up going 4-6, I said we don't want to repeat that year. This past year we had a good football team and we don't want to go downhill, we want to still build on what we did with last year's team. So we got a lot of work to do, we're just kind of starting to build the pieces together. Starting Monday we started and then we put the pads on and that's another element, another process to keep it going on from here."

The Marlins will join their Bay county brethren in wrapping Spring with a jamboree May 20th.