Jay Powell and the Commodores look ahead to a trip to Pensacola Saturday night.

Panama City, FL-- To juco ball and what's up next for the Gulf Coast men's team. Jay Powell and his guys gearing up for the next conference game which comes at Pensacola Saturday night. Gulf Coast, coming off the 4 point home loss to Chipola, now 10-10 overall, oh and two so far in Panhandle play. That game against Chipola last Saturday, so it's a full week of practice for the 'dores as they prep for Pensacola.

Jay Powell
Gulf Coast Head Coach

"Monday the men came out and actually I believe we had the best practice we've had all year. So that was kind of rejuvinating to me as coach to see the men still have great effort after a tough home loss to a great team. We just really have to look forward to the next game and stay focused and do everything that's in our power to try to win basketball games."

The timing in playing the Pirates is good for Gulf Coast, Pensacola losing Tuesday night to Chipola, so the Pirates 13-7 overall, and 1-2 in conference games. Chipola meanwhile prepping for a trip to Northwest Florida State Saturday, those two both two and oh so first place on the line in that one.

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