Jeff Johnson Hanging With Former Player Jose Bautista This Week

Boston, MA---Suffice it to say Chipola head baseball coach Jeff Johnson and his family know how to pick their vacations.

This week they are in Boston, and enjoying Fenway Park in a rather big way. Johnson getting the chance to see one of his former players play at that historic ballpark and take his swings at the Green Monster.

Johnson, his wife Nancy, and daughter Shelbie the guests of none other than Blue Jays superstar Jose Bautista, who Monday night, helped lead the Blue Jays to a 14-1 win over the struggling Red Sox.

Seeing a young man you coached in Juco ball playing at fabled Fenway, well it must be quite the incredible feeling for a baseball coach!

"Yeah it is Scott." coach Johnson told me by phone Tuesday afternoon. "First off, it's my first trip to Fenway, so that's exciting in itself. But to see a guy who's kind of the face of an organization like Jose is. And the guy just hasn't forgotten where he's come from. He had us down on the field yesterday, had us in the dugout yesterday. He put a great treatment for me and my wife and my daughter, in taking care of us. The guy's never forgotten where he's come from."

Jose posing for some pictures with coach Johnson and his wife and daughter. And obviously the Marianna contingent
¶good luck! The Jays walloped the Sox 14-1 Monday, and won again Tuesday 4-2. Quite a trip, no doubt about it.

"Well you know we try to do something every summer, my wife and my daughter, and it just kind of worked out. None of us had ever been to Boston before. With them playing here, he had told me when he came down in the spring, he said pick out a spot when you want to come. We just decided this weekend worked out the best for all of us, so we decided to come up here."

A good decision, and no doubt Bautista and the Jays are pretty happy about it as well. If Toronto keeps winning, they just might insist the Johnson start going to more games this summer.