Jeff Johnson talks about his Chipola baseball team's off day Monday and how that should helping heading into their second game Tuesday night.

Grand Junction, CO-- We start with another check in with this area's team at the Juco World Series in Grand Junction Colorado, the Chipola Indians. Coach Jeff Johnson and his guys are getting set for their second game of that ten team, double elimination event.
The Indians will face Navarro, out of the Dallas area, at 8:30 central time, so in just over two hours. Chipola coming off a win in their opener Sunday night, a 19-13 win over another
Texas team, Grayson College. That gave the Indians an off day Monday, and Monday night, I spoke with Johnson about how valuable that extra rest was!

Jeff Johnson
Chipola Head Coach
"I think it's huge. You'd like almost to get back out on the field, but with us making those errors last night, the wind was 40 to 50 miles an hour Scott, I've never played in anything like that in my life. Some of them were ground balls, so it wouldn't have mattered. But just getting the day off and just getting back out here, getting a little mental health, you know taking some ground balls, get a few swings, you know stretch out. You know we didn't get to bed until two o'clock last night, this time, so we were running a little short. I think it was a really good, a good off day for us."

Again our sister station in Grand Junction will be shooting that game and we'll pass along some early game highlights for you tonight at ten.