Jeff Johnson talks about why the postponement of Wednesday's game with Northwest Florida State was somewhat welcomed by the Indians.

Marianna, FL-- It's no surprise to hear some games washed away Wednesday by the weather. That means Gulf Coast and Chipola will host key conference baseball games Thursday. The game in Marianna between the Raiders and Indians a battle for first place, both those teams are 7-3 in league play. I spoke with Jeff Johnson about the postponement, which he kind of welcomed.

Jeff Johnson
Chipola Head Coach

"Well I think today it wasn't bad, it gave Luke Bole who's sitting on four days rest, now he'll have five days rest. You know we've been running through this thing, this is our last series through the first rotation, I think our guys are a little bit tired, a little bit beat up. I don't know that a day off wasn't a bad thing for us. I sure hope we can get in tomorrow and Friday and then we'll be through our first half and go in that break and get ready for that second half."

Chipola at one point of the season a 13-11 club, since then it's won 11 of 14, including 7 of ten in conference play. Jeff says he believes the improvement recently is as much attitude as any other factor.


"I think one of the big things, our will to win. It seems like it hurts the kids when we lose a little bit now compared to earlier in the year, I worried about that. The problem is we pitched real well early in the year and we didn't swing the bats real well, now we're swinging the bats and we're not pitching as well. So we got to get our pitching straightened out and get these guys back to understanding this isn't any different that what we've done in the regular part of the season, and hopefully we can get our pitching straightened out and we can have the chance to have a pretty good club by the end of the year."

That Chipola game set for 2, the Gulf Coast home game tomorrow against Pensacola set for 5. The Commodores at 4-6 in league play, 3 games behind Chipola and Northwest.