Jeff Mathis prepared for spring training in Marianna

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MARIANNA, Fla- Marianna's own Jeff Mathis is back in Angels camp. After a tough 2010 season, Mathis spent the off-season in his hometown, Marianna, working on his game and looking to have a breakout year.

Jeff Mathis came home to get ready for spring training at Chipola College

"It helps me when I start to get back going and get in my routine and get ready for spring training to come out here and work with coach Johnson and the guys," Mathis said. "Plus I get to come out here and work with the catchers and help them a little bit too."

It's a bonus for the Indians to have him there too.

"We're fortunate to have him come out here and work with our guys, he takes our pitchers and works with them. He' not a guy to not do what we do," Chipola Head baseball Coach jeff Johnson said. "He's the type of guy that does whatever we do. It's great to have him out here. He's just a quality person and a great ambassador."

Going into this spring training Mathis wants to forget about a tough 2010. Before last season started Mathis had to go through arbitration with the angels. This off-season the team signed him with out that hassle.

"Just really glad to get it over with," Mathis said. "Last year we had to take it to a hearing and that was no fun. Just really glad to get it over with and concentrate on baseball and what I had to do to get ready for spring training."

Even after his contract situation was resolved last year, the season didn't go as planned.

Mathis added, "It was tough. Started off the season pretty decent, playing quite a bit, and ended up breaking my wrist but you know that's baseball and that's part of it. Just been battling back trying to strengthen it back up and get ready for this year."

Mathis is healthy now and he's put in the work in the off-season to be in position to start for the club.

"Just being a strong and as ready as possible. Alot of people say spring training is the time to get ready, but I'm going in here trying to win a job. Trying to be the guy, and just trying to be a s close to ready as I can," said Mathis.

Mathis is hoping to take what he's improved on at home into spring training, and beyond. Mathis is currently at spring training camp in Tempe, Arizona.

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