Jim Longerbeam talks about how things are going since he took over the Bay High School football program.

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Panama City, FL-- So how you may ask are things going for the new head ball coach of the Bay Tornadoes. Jim Longerbeam came to town just a few weeks ago,and has had to hit the ground running, taking over Bay's Summer workout program.

Jim Longerbeam
Bay Head Coach

You know the biggest thing we're trying to make sure they're in optimal shape. And you just want to see them compete and work hard and watch 'em work and develop and get better as the weeks go on."

One way Longerbeam's been able to evaluate his new players, this 7 on 7 passing competition Bay took part in recently against the likes of Mosley, Bozeman, St. Joe and other squads.

(Jim Longerbeam)
"You know I think it's very important, we're installing a new system on both sides of the ball. It gives myself and the coaches an opportunity to kind of see where we're at. And get a live look at the kids against other people. I'm real excited, we've got great skill players here. The kids have worked hard and you can tell they've been coached and so I'm real excited about it and the capabilities that they have."

Working in his favor says the new coach, the attitude of the kids, and the coaches who guided things during the coaching search that brought him in.

(Jim Longerbeam)

"I tell you, the kids have done a great job, they've been real receptive. And our coaches that kept them going throughout the whole Summer, and they've done a real good job, so it's been a really easy transition for me and the kids have been real receptive for what we're doing. That's real fun, you come into a new area and stuff, and like I said the kids have been great. And we're in a situation, we have a good administration. the assistant coaches have been tremendous. And the community support has been very good and that's what it's gonna take. So it's a really exciting time for me and our program."

Bay and all the other area high school's start Fall practice August 8th.

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