Jimbo Fisher Spends Father's Day with Family in PCB

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Florida State head football coach Jimbo Fisher spent his Father's Day with his family right here in Panama City Beach, watching his son, Trey, play with the 13 year old Panhandle Stingers.

While the off-season continues, football never stops, so Jimbo's happy to drop the "coach" label for a day, going exclusively as "Dad".

"Well, we just came to the ballpark," says Fisher. "Been to the ballpark all day. It's been a pretty long day. So we're gonna get back to Tallahassee now but we're just enjoying being together as a family. It's very fun. You just get to be a parent. You don't have to be a coach anymore. You get to be a parent. You get to enjoy your children."

Jimbo was also glad to be back in a familiar spot he loves to come back to. "Panama City's like a second home. We come down here a lot, we've got a lot of good friends. We fish down here. We vacation down here. It's like a second home being not too far from Tallahassee. It's great to be here."

Happy Fathers Day to Jimbo and all dad's and families out there.