Jimbo Says Top Ranking Doesn't Matter to Him

Tallahassee, FL---The Florida State Seminoles are hoping their are two championship games in their immediate future. The second one depends on the outcome of the first.

Florida State, coming off the win in the Swamp over the rival Gators, are now looking ahead to the ACC title game. The opponent in that one a bit of a surprise, as nobody thought Duke would be the Coastal Division champ.

FSU taking care of business against Florida, combined with Auburn's thrilling win in the Iron Bowl moving the Seminoles up to number one in all the polls, including the all important BCS standings. Monday coach Fisher was asked what all that means to him and his program!

"Doesn't matter. I feel the same as I did yesterday, or the day before or the day before." Fisher said. "It's great, it's all good but to me it doesn't matter right now, we have to concentrate on playing the game. And we can't even think about that."

The ACC Championship game in Charlotte set for just after 7 central. FSU favored by 28.