Jimbo Talks at ACC Media Gathering Monday

Greensboro, NC---College football is certainly front and center in terms of the public's attention this week.

And for good reason Penn State dominates the talk, but up in Greensboro North Carolina, the talk is much more upbeat as coaches and players of the ACC getting in front of the cameras to talk about their programs, their seasons ahead.

Jimbo Fisher among them, as he gears up for his third season running the FSU football program, and what will again be some rather lofty expectations from his fan base and beyond.

"I think we feel very good about it." Fisher says "It's the third year of our program. Everybody talks about expectations, I think you break it down, you have expectations number one because you have talent. We do have talent, we have some big, fast guys. Number two is we have the knowledge of what to do and how to do it. But I think three, and more importantly, is the day to day routine and the small details and the habits which you create. And I think that comes from the leadership on your team, a coach can only push it so far. I think the leadership on the team, I mean the guys are there that we aren't there."

The FSU players have a team meeting August 5th and the first day of practice is the 6th.

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