Jimbo Fisher spent some time at ACC Media Days talking about how he enjoys the year to year change involved in coaching a college football team.

Pinehurst, NC-- We start on the Florida State football front. Jimbo Fisher and some of his guys just making their way back to Tally after a couple of days up in Pinehurst North Carolina at the ACC Media Days. Jimbo talking about having a team that's going to see some major changes in key spots like quarterback and other positions.

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach
¶"I think that's what makes every year so exciting, I think that's one of the fun things about coaching, is getting to know each team every year. And you know, it never turns out exactly like you think it's going to. I don't think it's ever easy. I think as soon as you think something's easy, that's when you set yourself up for failure. Because I think everything, in being good and you know your competition's gonna be working hard, and as soon as you think it's gonna be easy, it's not, then you panic and you make poor decisions. I think you have to go in knowing it's gonna be very hard."

The good thing about the q-b change is Manuel, a junior to be, has seen a fair amount of action the past two seasons. It doesn't hurt to have a stable of talented running backs coming back, led by the likes of junior Chris Thompson, and seniors Ty Jones and Jermaine Thomas who combined for some 19 hundred yards and 17 touchdowns last season.

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