Jimbo Fisher talks about dealing with the loss at Wake Saturday.

Tallahassee, FL-- We start with college football and maybe you heard that rather loud sound in the mid-afternoon Saturday???? That sound was the collective fan base of the Florida State Seminoles all hitting the panic button at the same time. It's one thing to lose back to back games to Oklahoma and at Clemson.
Losing to Wake Forest, well that takes this season to a different level in terms of disappointment. After all the 'noles began in the preseaon top five, and many in Seminole nation believed this was a team that could contend for the national championship. Instead, it's looking like more of the same from the recent past!

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"Our goals are still the same, to go out every week and get better every week and still have a very successful season, which we can. I mean there's still a lot of things in play for us, it's still week five. You don't, you know, again I say this, people don't realize we were 4-3 in 2001, LSU, and won the SEC. I'm not saying that will happen this year, I'm not saying we're gonna win the ACC.

EJ Manuel
FSU Quarterback

"We're a team and I think that's the biggest thing for us right now, is to remain a team. Not to have divides and have guys feeling like, pointing fingers and things like that. The main thing is to still have a team effort and a joint effort to win games."

Jimbo giving us Monday an injury update on junior running back Chris Thompson, he says Chris flew back to Tallahassee Sunday night wearing a back brace. Thompson suffered T5 and T6 compression fractures in his back on and he spent Saturday night in the hospital up there.
Fisher says Chris doesn't need surgery but will instead be in a brace for at least the next 12 weeks.
The 'noles try to snap their 3 game skid with a trip back to Carolina and a game at Duke which is set for a 2 o'clock kickoff.