Jimbo Fisher talks about his feelings for Steve Spurrier as the 'noles look ahead to a bowl game with the Gamecocks.

Jimbo Fisher's debut last Saturday as FSU's head coach went rather well, but today figures to be a little tougher.

We start with some bowl game chatter and for the Florida State Seminoles, there's still a feeling of some disappointment about not being in the Orange Bowl with a huge BCS payout. Still it's a pretty good matchup ahead for Jimbo Fisher and the 'noles, they get to face the 'ol ball coach again, Steve Spurrier. This time around he's calling the plays for South Carolina. That matchup comes on New Year's Eve in Atlanta's Chik-Fil-A Bowl.

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"...I got to know Steve in the last few years in the coaching circles, got to know him pretty well. I really like him, I know a lot of Florida State fans don't want to hear that, but I like Steve, I get along with Steve. I think he's one of the great football coaches of all time. And I think if you go back and ask coach Bowden, back in the day, I know there was a lot of jabbing going on, going back, but there was a lot of mutual respect because they were great competitors and great football coaches."

Fisher looking to finish out a 10 win season in his first year at the helm, both FSU and South Carolina 9-4 going into that one. 'noles currently 3 point underdogs in that one.

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