Jimbo Fisher talks about his team's heartbreaking loss to North Carolina Saturday.

Jimbo Fisher's debut last Saturday as FSU's head coach went rather well, but today figures to be a little tougher.

To college ball and suffice it to say there is quite a pall over Seminole Nation these days. The fan base still working through the pain of another heartbreaking last second loss, back to back now.
The defense unable to hold a late lead Saturday at home, then after a big play by Reid on a kickoff return, Dustin Hopkins unable to kick the 'noles to the win over Carolina. Jimbo says these letdowns are much more mental, than physical.

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"...but you have to learn to focus and that's what you gotta believe. Because thinking about wanting to win is going to make me make that putt. What's gonna make me make that putt is be fundamentally sound over it, watch the break, watch the speed, how am I going to hit it, where's my head, where's my hands, how's my balance. That's what's gonna make you make that putt, or a kick or a pass, or a tackle, or a defensive play. That's how athletes think, the great ones. And that's how we're gonna teach our guys to think."

Somehow FSU still in contention for that Atlantic Division spot in the ACC title game, at Maryland. That game Saturday 8 eastern.

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