Jimbo Fisher talks about how familiarity between him and his players is helping things proceed more consistently this August.

Tallahassee, FL-- To college football and can you believe it, the start of the season now less than two weeks away! For Jimbo Fisher and his Seminoles that means less than two weeks away from a home game against Louisiana Monroe.
If you read the practice reports every day from Tallahassee, well it's been kind of an up and down kind of Fall practice season so far. Coach Fisher complaining about the effort on some days, more recently though he says the efforts been rather imrpoved.
Certainly the players familiarity with Fisher and his system this second time around is making a difference.

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"A bunch. I see a lot more consistency out of them in practice. We're not where we need to be but we have made tremendous strides from where we were a year ago. I feel very comfortable with those guys, it's fun to watch them just keep developing."

Fisher has another scrimmage set for tomorrow, the final two a day practice set for Thursday. He'll give the team Sunday off before heading into game preps next Monday.