Jimbo Fisher talks about leading his team to the ACC Championship game in his first season at the helm.

Now let's talk more about Saturday's ACC Championship game as the Seminoles get set to make their second appearance in the game's 6 year history. Jimbo Fisher taking FSU to the title game in his first season at the helm. That combined with a 9 win season, and of course, snapping the 6 game skid against the hated Gators all totalling some serious success in Fisher's inaugural campaign. Still he was asked does he believe the 'noles must win Saturday to avoid the season being a disappointment overall?

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"I know the direction we're going, I like the direction we're going. So I'm worried about our coaches minds, our organization's mind, and those 120 players minds. If they know we're back and they feel good, then we'll know we're moving in the right direction. We wanna win this game I think it would be huge if we did It can really help us, push us along. But I don't really look at one loss can devestate you, I don't believe that, that one game is devestating to an organization."

That ACC title game in Charlotte set for 7:45 eastern, Florida State four point underdogs.

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