Jimbo Fisher talks about the first day of Spring where quarterback EJ Manuel is concerned.

Florida State backup quarterback E.J. Manuel looked stellar a year ago when he had to come in and replace Christian Ponder, going 3-1 as a starter for the Seminoles.

Tallahassee, FL--Over to the football field and Spring practice under way for the big programs in the region, that includes the Florida State Seminoles. Jimbo Fisher getting Spring started Monday, then afterwards had some these comments concerning the heir apparant to Ponder at quarterback, Christian Ponder.

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"Knew where he was going, made a couple of mistakes, made a couple poor throws. But his decision making was good. It's timing with some of those guys, couple routes didn't come out right. He let a ball fly, or two. But the first day didn't come out too bad, but his demeanor, really made some nice throws, made some nice in-seam throws, threw the ball well down the side and I like how he did that."

The Seminoles took today off, they're back at it tomorrow in shorts and helmets. Thursday's the first day of full pads. They'll continue working out off and on until the Spring Game April 16th.

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