Jimbo Fisher talks about the magnitude of Saturday's game against top ranked Oklahoma.

Tallahassee, FL--Let the hype begin! The Florida State Seminoles are set to get into the meaty part of the schedule, and in fact you could say it's filet mignon on the menu this week! Coming off the convincing wins over Louisiana Monroe and Charleston Southern, Jimbo and company are setting their sights completely on top ranked Oklahoma. The Sooners coming in Saturday night with the number one ranking, and well rested with no game last week. Certainly the game is the biggest in Tally in years, but coach Fisher trying not to overplay it's importance!

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"Do we understand the magnitude of the game? Yes. Is it a big game? Yes. If you win the game, does it set you in a great position? Yes. We understand that and we're gonna play it to the best of our abilities. And prepare the best we can play. But I don't believe in putting all the eggs in one basket. And by saying that I'm not saying I'm downgrading the game, but you gotta play 'em one game at a time."

EJ Manuel
FSU Quarterback

"We definitely want to go out there and win. Not to look in the past but obviously they blew us out bad last year, and you never want to be disrespected like that, not that it did disrespect us, they played great, they had a great game, and last year was their year. So we definitely want to go out there and play well this year."

That game Saturday night set for 8 eastern.

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