Jimbo talks about his offensive scheme heading into the Wake game.

Tallahassee, FL--To college football now and a look ahead to Florida State's trip to Wake Forest Saturday. All season long the Seminoles have struggled to run the ball. Their only real offensive success has been through the air. Some might say it's the play-calling, since Jimbo Fisher's offense so far has been a 60-40 mix, passing to running plays.
Fisher insists the problem though, lies not with the scheme, but in the execution!

Jimbo Fisher
FSU Head Coach

"What we've done has been proven, proven for a long period of time. it's good stuff, we just got to tweak it, and how we do it, and who we ask to do it and how we ask them to do it and how we teach it. You know i mean you don't wholesale everyting, you never do that. I mean, that's not being successful, and we've been successful for a long time with it, for my many years with it. so I mean we'll just tweak and turn and get better at it."

The FSU defense will have to tweak a few things as well, following several breakdowns at Clemson. The game at Wake saturday set for 11:30 central. FSU favored by 11