John Brantley talks about heading into his senior season at Florida while learning the new offensive system of Weiss and Muschamp!

Hoover, AL--On to college football and some comments from Florida's 5th year senior quarterback John Brantley!

"So it's gonna be a completely different change from last year."

Brantley spent time in front the cameras at the SEC Media Days Wednesday, and among other things, talked about the transition from Urban Meyer to Will Muschamp, and how that's eaten up all his free time this Summer.

John Brantley
Florida Sr. Quarterback

"Just trying to learn this offense. If you don't know the offense you're not gonna be too consistent. So just staying in the playbook, just trying to get as comfortable with it as I can before we head into camp. It's not too complex once you get into it. The first day I was like you gotta be kidding me, I'm never gonna learn this. But after a couple of days, getting the verbage down and everything, it started to come together and then it branches out from there, once you get the basics down, it branches out from there and makes it easier.

The man who devised that new offense, Charlie Weiss, the former Notre Dame head coach who also ran the offense for the Patriots and Tom Brady.

"Oh yeah he's made the transition easier. He's made learning the playbook easier. He's been around a bunch of guys, he knows how different players learn. So he's able to teach us the playbook in different ways to make us learn."

Brantley and the Gators open camp in a couple of weeks.

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