Jonathan Moore Happy to be at the Hombre This Week

Panama City Beach, FL---The Hombre Golf Club is this week hosting a second stage PGA Tour Qualifier for the 21st year.

Among the field of 77 players at the Hombre, Jonathan Moore, a former NCAA champ out of Oklahoma State.

Moore actually just missed the cut line in his first stage qualifier at Callaway Gardens last month.

But he's here because another golfer, Blaine Barber, disqualified himself 6 days after that event wrapped up.

Barber realized he'd signed an incorrect scorecard, by taking a one shot penalty on a bunker shot instead of two stroke penalty. Barber knew by reporting that, he be disqualified, but did it anyway, because as he put it, he needed to do the right thing.

Moore, who knows Barber, is glad the latter made the decision he did.

"I have a lot of respect for him. I think he did....he didn't have to do that I guess. That's the rules of golf but it shows a lot about him. I do know Blaine a bit, we've kind of met through College Golf Fellowship. And I know God's got good plans for Blaine, as he does for myself. and you know, I'm not worried about him, and I've just got a lot of respect for him."

Moore says he and his wife, who caddies for him, were just about to book flights overseas to play an Asian Tour event. He's really happy to be here instead still fighting for that tour card! The first of 4 rounds start Wednesday.

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