Lady Dolphins Ready For Determined Lady Marlins

Lynn Haven, FL --- A rather big match set for Friday night at Arnold. That's where the Lady Marlins will host the Lady Dolphins of Mosley with the 3A district 2 championship on the line.

Arnold playing it's way into that title match thanks to a 3-0 win over Bay in their semifinal Tuesday night. That taking Arnold's record to 13-5.

Mosley getting to the title match with a 6-0 win Tuesday in their semifinal over Rutherford. So they take a 10-1-2 mark into Friday's match, that includes two wins over Arnold earlier this season. In fact Mosley's girl's team has never lost to Arnold. But that means nothing in terms of tomorrow night, says Mosley's coach Marek Betkowski.

"They are always hungry when they play against us," said coach Bertkowski. "It doesn't matter, if we schedule a friendly game, they would be very hungry. So again, I expect very very competitive and close game. And I know that, I try to explain to the girls that Arnold wants to win this game really, really badly. So we need to want it more, otherwise anything can happen."

The match kicks off Friday at 7 PM central at the Gavlak Sports Complex.