Lady Indians Ready to Start State Tourney

Marianna, FL---Wednesday marks the start of the Juco State Tournament and that means the Milton Johnson Health Center on the Chipola campus is going to be rocking the next several days and nights.

As it happens both Chipola teams are part of the 16 teams taking part this year, 8 men's teams, 8 women's.

The Lady Indians are looking ahead to their quarterfinal set for Wednesday night at 6 against Jacksonville.

Coach Greg Franklin's team with a 23-5 overall mark, 8-4 in conference, just a game behind Gulf Coast and Northwest Florida. Their last game a week and a half ago, a loss at Gulf Coast, so how have they made use of the time since?

"Actually we've tried to get ourselves in better condition in terms of not beating our bodies up." Franklin says. "But getting ourselves better at being able to play a 40 minute game. We've done a lot of skeleton stuff, which means we haven't gone against a lot of competition every day. The first of this break we took about three or four days off. Just kind of rehab some of our aches and "owies", some of the little boo-boo's we've had over the year. And that's been really good for us as well."

This the 10th appearance at State for the Lady Indians, they're gunning for their 5th title, the last coming in 2009,

Gulf Coast plays the 3 o'clock game Wednesday against Santa Fe, the Lady Raiders face Palm Beach at 8.