Lake Seminole Set to Host Southern Bass Battle

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Lake Seminole, FL---So you think you're a pretty good bass fisherman, good enough to compete and earn a little cash doing it? Well here's your big chance to prove it.

Some folks in Jackson County and the surrounding area are next weekend, hosting what they call the Southern Bass Battle, and hoping it's an event that becomes quite the fishing tournament for years to come!

Going back a couple decades, Richard Eldrige remembers a thriving local fishing scene.

"Back in the 90's we used to have 80-100 boats in every event. And then I had to stop fishing for a little while." Says Eldrige who now helps run Hookset Promotions as it's President. "Then once I got back into fishing there was hardly anything to fish. You would go to events and there would be 15-25 boats in the event and the guys that would win the event would barely get their entry fee back. And so we started planning this one."

Not a tourney just for the hardcore bassmasters, but for the family man, too, says Long Bach, a V.P. of Hookset Promotions

"We want the fathers and sons to have an annual event. That way they can come out here and say I did something with my daddy. These days kids are now playing on computer games and laptops and all that stuff. I'm trying to get my kids away from that. Back to the fun times on the water."

The reason all ages are welcome on the water? One cast can catch an easy payday says angler Larry Gaines of Crestview, FL

"Anybody that can float a boat should be in this event. We're talking about one cast yielding ten thousand bucks. And if you don't get blessed to get that big fish, just have one big fish on the hour, they're gonna pay $500 for first, $250 for second and $100 for third. Every hour.

Winners get some serious cash and the spotlight on national TV, as the event will be broadcasted by the Pursuit Channel. That's an exciting aspect for angler Nic Jeter of Bainbridge, GA

"That's gonna be awesome having a national television show here on my home lake. And watching everyone weigh in on this beautiful lake. I'm been fishing for 22 years, Lake Seminole is the best of the best. If you get lucky, catch one fish and win $10,000. You can't beat that."

For more information on the Southern Bass Battle, call 850-896-4340, or go to or