Liberty Looking for "That Right Play" This August

Bristol, FL---Are the Liberty Bulldogs ready for yet another run at a state playoff berth? Well that question will have to stew for some time while the Bulldogs work through August and prepare for that first game.

Certainly recent history indicates Liberty is always a playoff contender, given an 8-3 record last season and a five year stretch in which the Bulldogs are 46-15 with five consecutive postseason appearances.

Each season though stands alone, and certainly Liberty head coach Grant Grantham knows that. Grantham tells us he's working with 25 on the varsity level, that number is down a bit for the Bulldogs.

Coach says he has a handful of starters on both sides of the ball, so good reason to think the building blocks are there for another run at the state playoffs, though plenty of question marks remain at this point.

"We haven't figured out our strengths." says coach Grantham. "I think last year, even though we went 8-3, we never had a play we could hang our hats on. In the past we've always said 'third and two we're running this play'. Last year we never found that. We were pretty good, we'd find a play that worked, but we never knew what was our best play. We kind of want to get back to third and two everybody in the park knows what's coming and you just can't stop it. And hopefully we can get back to that, but we're not there yet."

The Bulldogs playing again in 1A-4 alongside St. Joe, Franklin and West Gadsden.

They play a classic next Friday at home against Chipley, then start the regular season at Maclay on the 29th.