Liberty Glad to be at Home Friday Against Northview

Bristol, FL---The Liberty Bulldogs are just about set to host one of the biggest games in Bristol in quite some time. That game
is Friday night's 1A state semifinal against the Northview Chiefs out of Bratt in the Pensacola area.

For the 10-2 Bulldogs this will be the 3rd straight playoff game at home, having already beaten Bozeman and Blountstown the last two weeks.

Being playoff homebodies, you might say, is something new for these guys, but it's a change they seem to like, says Liberty head coach Grant Grantham.

"Yeah this is the first time I've won a district championship and played well in the playoffs, playing at home. We've normally done better when we've had more games on the road, it's kind of odd, and a new experience. This team has played extremely well at home. I think it's a tight knit group. Their families are good families, they're always here at the home games, and normally at the away games. But it's a little different atmosphere for this particular team. You know I don't have to worry about the officials on the road and stuff like that. But it's a...they like playing at home better."

This just the third time Liberty's made it this far in the playoffs. Back in '95 they made it to the championship game, then to the state semi's in '98.

The Bulldogs have never won a state championship, coach Grantham and company bent on changing that and making history for the school in Bristol.

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