Liberty and Bozeman Set for Rematch

Bristol, FL--- For a select few area high school football teams this is the first week of the state playoffs.

For teams on the 1-A level it takes four straight wins to claim a state title. Among the 1-A region semifinals set for our area Friday, 8-2 Bozeman at 8-2 Liberty.

This a rematch of their game played in mid-October, the Bulldogs winning that one 27-18.

"Well we know each other pretty well." says Liberty head coach Grant Grantham. "We play each other every year and then already playing once this year. So obviously both teams know each other. A lot of people are saying they will be more ready this second time coming in with a little revenge factor or whatever. But you know once the game starts who knows how it's gonna go with 15, 16 year old kids. I think our kids are gonna get up for the game, I don't think we're gonna overlook Bozeman at all, they're a fine football team."

Expect this game to show off some offense, the Bucks averaging 38 per game, Liberty averages 30 a game.

"They spread the ball around," says Grantham "and do a really good job on the offensive side. We feel like we can do a little bit of that ourselves this year, though we may go about it in a different way. But we still feel like we got a lot of different guys that can tote the rock and catch the ball."

That game set for 7:30 eastern time Friday night.

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