Local Fans Gather to Cheer On U.S. World Cup Team

Panama City/Panama City Beach, FL---Local fans certainly seemed to enjoy the experience of watching the thrilling Team USA World Cup Match together in local watering holes Monday night.

The TGI Fridays on 23rd street hosting Team USA watching parties with raffles and giveaways. You can see a good crowd on hand there, cheering on the first goal of the match.

A similar scene a little to the west in Panama City Beach. A relatively new establishment called McKenna's Brewhouse also encouraging local fans to show their colors. One of that pub's co-owners is Jon Rhodes who coaches for Bay United Soccer.

The fans at McKenna's cheering on that game winning goal, and being rewarded for it quite nicely. For these places and many others, the World Cup's a good excuse to get together and share a sporting experience.

"Well soccer is on the rise in the U.S. given the television ratings, people showing up, people asking about it.' says Ryan Crawford
TGI Fridays Bar Mgr. "So we decided to celebrate it and go all in on it this year."

Jon Rhodes, co-owner of McKenna's BrewHouse had a similar idea, and wanting his new business to share in every U.S. goal. "Have a little bit of local pride here for a new business." says Rhodes. "Trying to get the World Cup, trying to get the locals in here to support their nation. We're giving away free pints every time the USA scores. Just trying to show a little red, white and blue. And keep the party rolling."

Nothing like a free pint to make the game experience even better, especially a thrilling win like tonight's win! These establishments and dozens of others around the area will do it all again come Sunday at 5 when the U.S. takes on Portugal.