Local Greyhound Becoming a Celebrity

Panama City Beach, FL--It's not every day you see somebody get the red carpet treatment, limo ride to fancy restaurant included.

That's what folks who were out at Captain Anderson's in Panama City Beach saw Monday night though.

As it turns out, the "celebrity" being honored, one of the four legged variety.

"{Sweet Smokes", a greyhound that's been tearing up the track at Ebro, winning 6 straight and 13 of 20 races. Not bad for a dog that started out simply as a family pet.

The dog's owner is Theresa Duncan.

"We have a little schnauzer, Frankie the schnauzer used to run with him and get him to duck and dodge, and up and down the hill, through the spring and out of the spring." Duncan says. "And just got him to run and he really really liked it. And I kept telling Joe he's fast, he's fast. And sure enough he was fast."

In fact at 30.30 he's run one of the fastest times at Ebro in several years. Monday night's red carpet treatment a way of promoting the dog's success at the local track.

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